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Welcome to Bosphorus Restaurant, one of Cary's best kept secrets! Bosphorus is a unique restaurant that offers traditional Turkish & Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant atmosphere. From the Mediterranean grilled meats, kebabs, to chicken, everything is cooked to perfection with fresh spices and herbs.

A great food, an excellent service, and a pleasant atmosphere make Bosphorus Restaurant a local favorite and a restaurant that you don't want to miss! Whether for a reviving traditional Turkish coffee or a banquet of Turkish delights, the restaurant caters for intimate gatherings, friendly get together and larger scale celebrations. Choose from Mezze (little delicious tasting to sharpen you appetite and share with friends), a wide range of vegetarian, Doner, lamb or chicken, each with a distinctly eastern flavors. For those interested in indulging there are homemade desserts like baklava, krem caramel and rice pudding.

Bosphorus Restaurant is open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner. Groups are welcomed but advance notice and reservation is required.

Visa, MasterCard or Discover Cards are accepted as payment.

Bosphorus Restaurant featured on Cary Magazine, Mar-Apr 2015 Issue

Bosphorus Restaurant, Cary 

It’s usually a good indicator that an ethnic restaurant is authentic when you walk in and see people of that particular nationality patronizing the establishment. On any given day upon entering Bosphorus, you’re sure to find patrons of Turkish and Mediterranean descent.
Genial owner Mustafa Dilekoglu, along with his soft-spoken brother-in-law and cook Adil Berk, both hail from Turkey.
“We are a family-owned restaurant,” said Berk. “Our secret is that almost everything is made from scratch.”

A Turkish flat bread called pide is made fresh daily and served with every meal.
This includes the addictive Turkish flat bread called pide, which is served with every meal.
“We make the bread throughout the day, and people love it,” Berk said.
For a solid starter, go for the stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, onions, pine nuts, currant, mint, dill weed and other spices. Want more variety? The house meze platter includes the grape leaves along with hummus, baba gounush, tabouli, ezme (tomato-based spread), eggplant salad and cucumber dip.

The mixed grill kabob platter incorporates lamb, chicken, kofta, adana and beef liver.
Entrée selections from gyros to lamb shish kabobs to Turkish pizzas give you plenty to contemplate. The mixed grill kabob platter incorporates lamb and chicken, kofta (spiced meatball), adana (ground lamb) and beef liver, and is served with bulgur pilaf, pide bread and grilled vegetables.
Top off the meal with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea and — of course — traditional baklava for dessert. For the uninitiated, baklava involves layers of thin filo dough covered with ground pistachios, walnuts and syrup.

For the Bosphorus baklava, flaky filo dough is layered with ground pistachios, walnuts and sweet syrup.

A recently expanded dining room at Bosphorus is illuminated by pendant lights suspended above tile flooring and large, comfortable banquettes.
“We will also be remodeling the original dining room, but the food will remain the same good quality,” Berk said.
Closed on Mondays, Bosphorus serves a special roasted lamb dinner on Sundays. Go early to ensure they don’t run out.


Are you planning to have lunch? Or dinner? Well, doesn't matter.
We have a complete menu available online for you... Eat in or take out.
Our communal lounge area with an authentic atmosphere and traditional seating or outside courtyard.


329-A N. Harrison Ave,
Cary, NC 27513

Phone: 919-460-1300

Tuesday - Thursday
Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 3pm-8:30pm

Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 3pm-9pm

Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner: 2pm-9pm

Lunch: 12pm-2pm
Dinner: 2pm-8pm

Monday - C L O S E D

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